Friday, May 8, 2015

Review: The Master by Kresley Cole

Title: The Master
Author: Kresley Cole 
Publication: February 17th 2015 by Gallery Books
Genre: erotic contemporary romance 
Rating: 4.5 stars
Goodreads Summary:
A need colder than Siberian winter meets an attitude hotter than the Florida sun in #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole’s sultry new Game Maker novel.

Everyone fears the Master...

Rich, irresistible politician/Mafya boss Maksimilian Sevastyan prefers tall, obedient blondes to fulfill his... complicated desires. That is, until the icy Russian encounters a disobedient brunette whose exquisite little body threatens his legendary restraint.

Except her.

Catarina Marín was a well-off young wife until her world fell apart. Now she’s hiding out, forced to start working as an escort in Miami. Her very first client is beyond gorgeous, but when he tells her what he plans to do to her, Cat almost walks out of the door.

If pleasure is a game, play to win.

After their mind-blowing encounter burns out of control, the lovers crave more. If they escape the deadly threats surrounding them, can Maksim overcome his past—to offer Cat his future? Only then will she tempt him with what he really wants: her, all tied up with a bow.
Im switching up things on here and reviewing an *erotic* romance, whoop whoop! When I saw a 7 chapter sampler of The Master, I immediately started it and proceeded to buy the book as soon as I finished the 7 chapters because the book had one hell of an awesome, addictive sexy beginning like I've never seen before. 

What made me fall in love with the book so fast is the lack of sexual shaming in the book and the heroine's, Cat, sexual agency. As an escort book, there can always be a shaming undertone which just makes me sad but The Master never went there!

Another thing I appreciated is the fact that the hero, Máxim never shamed Cat or was hypocritical. I see it too often where heroes sleep around but turn around and shame the women for even looking at another guy. So I just overall really appreciate that the escort topic was handled with respect and it never ventured into shaming waters.

As alway, I loved Cat because she was feisty and never took shit from Máxim  I really loved this because it made me Cat and Máxim equals. Máxim is an extremely powerful man and an alpha hero through and through but it was balanced out with Cat who didn't let him dictate her life or step over her, which is something that makes me uncomfortable when it happens.

I know the title is The Master, but the book is extremely light on BDSM and I would go and say, both Cat and Máxim are both "masters", which is definitely the reason I love this book and I have already reread it! That and the fact that it was pretty low and drama, which I LIKE.

So I wouldn't declare this *THE* feminist book of the century or revolutionary with its representation  or anything like that, but I did want to review it here because I just truly appreciated the lack of sexual shaming and Cat's sexual agency. I just loved her even more than Máxim (which is saying something because he's hot!). Feisty heroines speak to me and will always be my favorite to read about because I'm pretty outspoken but most importantly, these girls always have a negative reputation for being bitchy or stuck up so I appreciate a positive portrayal of them! That's why I focused on the sexual aspect of the book (especially since this is an erotic romance) and I why I loved it. Thumbs up from me!

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