About Us

Monday: Jessica

Hey lovelies! I’m Jessica, and I’m an avid reader (if you couldn’t tell). I also love writing (mostly novels and song lyrics), dancing (I'm a ballerina at heart), watching TV and movies, listening to and finding new music, fangirling, and definitely sleeping. I’m obsessed with tea, and I’m filled with so much wanderlust. I’m a huge Potterhead, and I love crime shows (don’t even ask me about the shows I watch—you’ll be listening to me forever). I'm an INFJ, and I consider myself a Ravenpuff, leaning more towards Ravenclaw. I come from a multicultural background; I'm American, Chinese, and Brazilian. Thus, I have a love for languages, and I hope to study International Relations in college and eventually work at the UN. And of course I'm a feminist. To learn a bit more about me, check out my intro post.

I would love to chat and/or fangirl/fanboy, so don’t be afraid to contact me! I blog at Fly to Fiction and Lit Up Review, and you can also find me on Twitter and YouTube!

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Tuesday: Natalie

I'm a 25 year old that's currently trying to balance a busy life in London with all my bookish needs. Said bookish needs include devouring all the fantasy novels I can find, with the occasional dip into something a little different. Then there is also my writing. You should, like, totally check out The Semei Trilogy. Totally.

When I'm not running around like a headless chicken, or doing something bookish, I'm sitting in a vanilla scented candle haze dreaming about my future travel destinations. Oh, and my future dog.

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Wednesday: Hannah

I'm a 20-year-old college student originally from Germany going to school in the US, studying English Literature, Spanish, and Queer Studies. I obviously love books, and when I'm not reading for school, I mainly read Young Adult books, especially contemporary, which I review on my main blog, Paperback Treasures. I'm hoping to work in publishing once I graduate. I also go on feminist rants a lot, both about the real world and about the books I read, so this blog is kind of perfect for me. I love talking to people who also love books or feminism (or both!), so feel free to email or tweet me or leave a comment!

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Thursday: Beth

I’m Beth, an 18 year old from England, trainee teacher, bibliophile, TV addict, poet, feminist, language enthusiast, sexist hater, floral lover, and an array of other words you can use to define my identity. I’m currently taking a gap year from university before heading into the world of teaching, because, even if it kills me, I want to teach children to learn and love literature. When I’m not ranting on Twitter, I’m probably selling (pushing, who are we kidding!) books to customers in my day job.  Female Identity is something I’m extremely passionate about, so you’ll find a lot of that in my posts, and if you ever have the pleasure of reading any of my poetry or English essays, there too! Other than that, I have an unhealthy love for candles, anything teal and Daniel Radcliffe. But mostly, I love books. So if you want to fangirl (or boy!) together, or plan to overthrow our patriarchal societies, drop me a comment or tweet!  

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Friday: Racquel
*waves* I'm a 19 year old from Saudi Arabia currently studying at a Catholic university in H-town, Texas. I'm studying international development which I love. I love traveling, other cultures and this major also incorporate social entrepreneurship so I hope that one day I use this to work doing what I love: spreading feminism and empowering women whether through an NGO or whatever means possible. I'm sarcastic 100% of time but the one I take seriously is feminism (you'll still all the sarcasm though). I love make-up which you will probably see a lot of posts about, soccer (AC Milan), tennis, binge watching TV shows (talk to me about Orphan Black, Awkward, Suits, Peaky Blinders, Merlin, Hannibal!) and friends. Some extroverted bookish lovers exist! I read romance and YA so you will see reviews for many different genres from me!
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