Thursday, November 5, 2015

University: Reading, Writing and Everything In Between

As you probably know, I started university again this September and my life has pretty much been a train of non-stop hectic-ness since I started. It's safe to say I completely underestimated how much work was going to be involved. Big style. 

Here's the other thing though, I adore it. Never have I been so consistently stressed out of my head and in my element at the same time. And honestly, I wish for nothing more than my love of lesson plans to stay with me through my career. Lesson planning is the best thing ever. Seriously. 

Before I go off on a tangent on how amazing it is planning schemes of work for an imaginary bottom set year seven class on poetry, I thought I'd share what I've been reading over the past few weeks at university and what's to come in my Literature modules. And, as always, to share what I really want to be reading over the next few weeks. 

Classics, Classics, Classics. 

Literature is great. It really is. However, it's also forced, complex and can take a really long time to unpick. And, which more important, I loath Charles Dickens. Anyway, here are the texts I'm reading this semester. 


Top tip: All you Tom Hiddleston fans out there, go read Henry IV Part 1 and then check out the adaptation. He is a fantastic Prince Hal. 

As well as trying to read every book required on my course, I'm also trying to sneak in these before Christmas break. 

As a whole, please excuse my babbling! I promise to get back to writing something which is slightly more substantial in the coming weeks. 

Happy Reading! 

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