Thursday, February 26, 2015

Misogyny is so last year... Welcome!

Welcome to Feminists Talk Books!  You’re probably heard that, what, maybe three times already? But welcome! We’re more than happy to begin blogging – actually we’re ecstatic that it’s finally here – and more than anything, we’re happy you’re here too.

I should introduce myself. I’m Beth: book blogger, feminist and hopefully (by the time you read this) soon-to-be trainee teacher. And reading? Well, it’s my favourite passion in the world.  Other than that, I have an unhealthy love for candles, anything teal and Daniel Radcliffe. (You can find out more cringe-worthy details about my less-than exciting life in the About Us section, or through my twitter). But here’s the thing. I can laugh and joke about how I fangirl over YA, romance and how Mr Darcy is still nowhere to be found. But in reality, the world is much more than that. And for us, it can be a scary place.

Like many words, “Feminism” or “feminist” left a sour taste in my mouth for a long time. The majority of the time I hear the people I love most talk about it, it’s an insult. A dismissive comment meaning “she’s about to go on a rant again,” when, actually, I was raised by strong women who are the foundation of my family. And I’m pretty sure if my mother heard some of the right wing’s ideas for womanly nature, she’d be leading the march. Which led me to believe that there is a huge understanding of the fundamental underlying objective of feminism because the patriarchal hierarchy that fuels our media consumption is mostly led by white old men telling you we want to burn our bras, take men as slaves and eradicate ‘traditional values’, or that our bodies are more worthy than our brains. (Yes, Rupert Murdoch – I’m talking about the likes of you!)

Worry no more! Because like a superhero, Feminism is here to save the day in all tangents of oppression because, believe it or not, feminism is defined by the want of equality for all the genders – whether that is cis males, trans females or non-gender binary, regardless of ethnic background, social class or sexuality. Whatever we identify as, our basic human rights do not change.

And that is pretty much what I’ll be looking for in reviews, or simply putting the world to right in my posts. Identity, choice and consent, freedom and equality are my most important sectors of Feminism that I want to look at. I love not always agreeing with people on feminism, because, guess what? Feminism is diverse. Y’know what else is diverse? Life. And if we’re not taking the time to celebrate that I don’t really understand anything that we’re doing. And ladies, feminism is a great thing, but let’s reclaim it.

Which brings me neatly back to our starting point: Feminists Talk Books. Five girls with a passion of reading, female empowerment and equality. We stand for the eradication of beliefs that were implemented way before our time. We have had enough of patriarchy. And book by book, we will smash it down.

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