Friday, February 27, 2015

Feminist Friday

As Friday, all the good things have been already said in Jessica's, Natalie's, Hannah's, and Beth's, introductions! But I'll try to live up to to their introductions...

I'm Racquel and I blog at The Book Barbies with Sharon. I'm from Saudi Arabia but I'm currently going to a Catholic university in Texas (how's that for diversity?). I study international development, which I LOVE because I focus on the social entrepreneurship aspect of it. I'm involved in an organization that helps women in different countries and that's what I hope to do one day! Whether  starting my own NGO geared at helping women or joining one, that's my life goal since there are few things I'm more passionate about than this! Since it's not like I'm not dedicated enough to feminism *wink*, how about a venture into blogging about feminism and books (and the occasional miscellaneous non book)? 

Fortunately or unfortunately, I read romance, NA, and YA. Across those categories I read historical, paranormal, contemporary and the different type of fantasies. So you'll see reviews from erotic romance to high fantasy YA. Fun!

For me, Natalie's post just NAILS it. I helped Hannah start with the foundation of this blog but then I wondered whether I wanted to commit not only because of time (the regular blog, school, school actives, social love, etc.) but it's really hard to come here and talk about feminism and getting things wrong and facing the backlash. We all see what happens on Twitter when an article we don't agree with or someone says something we don't like. It's hard to forget people make mistakes and the person behind the screen is a person. This is a journey and I'm continuing to learn and grow in my views and so is everywhere! But I am putting myself and my views out there and I'm excited for a discussion friendly environment!

Besides feminism and reading, I enjoy make-up (get ready for a lot of ranty posts about the misconception on the art that is make-up!), soccer (AC Milan but they're currently doing terribly so it's a sensitive subject for me), tennis (who ever said tennis was boring?!), binge watching TV shows (current obsession: Peaky Blinders) and friends. I know, I'm supposed to be an introvert and all that, right?

So that was short and sweet but let it fool you, I'm a regular rambler. You will see next Friday! Meanwhile, enjoy the content of my fellow fem ladies and tune in for more on Monday!

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